Linux BASH - Useful Commands

aliasCreate a command alias.
awkSearch and replace text within a file.
calDisplay a monthly calendar.
chgrpChange group ownership for a file or directory.
chmodChange access permissions on a file or directory.
chownChange ownership for a file or directory.
clearClear screen.
cpCopy a file.
crontabSchedule a task to be run at a later time.
duDisplay a summary of estimated disk usage.
fdiskDisk partition utility.
findSearch for files.
freeDisplay memory usage.
grepSearch a file for specific text.
gzipCompression utility, handles .z files.
historyDisplay a list of recent commands.
killKill a process.
lnCreate a link to a file.
locateFind files.
lsList files.
manManual application.
mkdirMake a directory.
moreDisplays the contents of a file by page.
mvMove a file to a different directory.
passwdChange password.
psDisplays running processes.
pwdPrint Working Directory, displays current directory.
quotaDisplay disk quota information.
rmRemove a file.
rmdirRemove a directory.
rpmRemote Package Manager, program installer.
setSet shell variables and functions.
shutdownShuts down Linux system.
tarTape ARchiver, backup utility.
unaliasRemove an alias.
unsetRemove shell variables and functions.
useraddAdd a username.
wList all users currently logged on, along with their current running process.
whereisSearches for files within a hard-coded path (use 'find' to search exhaustively).
whoList all users currently logged on.
whoamiDisplay username.