Caribbean Stud Poker

By all accounts, Caribbean Stud Poker is just about the worst bet for a player in a casino. The house's payoff schedule is criminal when compared with true odds values, and players may not even get a scheduled payoff unless the dealer's hand is high enough to challenge.

So why would anyone play Caribbean Stud? That would be to participate in the proposition side bet. Caribbean Stud's side bet is set at $1 per hand, regardless of the size of the table bet. The dollar side bets contribute to a progressive jackpot that gets paid to a royal flush. Depending on how much of each dollar played goes into the progressive plot (typically 0.60-0.70), pots can grow in excess of $150,000. This represents one of the highest payoffs for a single dollar that you can find in a casino, and is probably the largest draw to the game.



True Odds

Formula (Note: (nCr) = 'n' Choose 'r')

One Pair

1 to 1

2.38 to 1


Two Pairs

2 to 1

21.03 to 1


Three of a Kind

3 to 1

47.33 to 1



4 to 1

253.80 to 1


Flush (any)

5 to 1

504.85 to 1


Full House

7 to 1

694 to 1


Four of a Kind

20 to 1

4,165 to 1


Straight Flush

50 to 1

72,193 to 1


Royal Flush

100 to 1

649,740 to 1


Possible Hands (52c5) = 2,598,960