One and One
Robert Miles with Maria Nayler

One and One MIDI File

It isn't often that a song, much less a dance song, has such a hold on me. I first heard Robert Miles' song "One and One" on the radio back in 1997, while I was on a business trip in Chicago. The hypnotic female voice on the song left a lasting impression, but since the radio DJ neglected to name the artist or the title, I returned home not knowing how to find this song.

Eventually, I found out that the artist is Robert Miles, an Italian DJ/musician who helped define dreamhouse club music. (Some people may recognize his song "Fable," which was featured on the commercial for Drew Barrymore's movie "Ever After.") Maria Nayler provides the haunting vocals on "One and One," and makes this dance song stand out.

The lyrics to "One and One" talk about a true love that two people share, through both the good times and bad. The message is simple, but is beautifully delivered.